When you first look at Mae, you’ll immediately be struck by the look in her eyes, which harkens to some distant place. But don’t let her expressive eyes take away from her adorable demeanor. Mae is a big girl, but sometimes she forgets her own size, as she exudes puppy energy and is always moving about the sanctuary.

Since she and her mother (Holly) were welcomed into our sanctuary in May 2020, Mae has grown into a beautiful young lady and is a favorite among the sanctuary visitors and volunteers. She’s still a mommy’s girl at heart, so she’s never too far away from her old lady, and you can often catch the two of them cuddling.

Mae has a fine and matured palate. If you visit the sanctuary, you’ll likely see her enjoying the finer delicacies of bananas and her personal favorite: pumpkin. She can often be found bathing in the sun, trying her best to work on that oh so killer tan and truly embracing that ‘petulant teenager’ personality of hers. Mae loves meeting new people and can barely contain her excitement when she receives visitors. So, if you visit, be prepared to be greeted with the glorious sight of Mae, skipping about the sanctuary, trying desperately to say hello.

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