Like Potos flavus, our Kinkajou looks dipped in golden honey. With a striking golden-brown color, any animal in this sanctuary would flaunt such good looks, and this rooster doesn’t hesitate to do so! He’ll strut over to captivate just about anyone he encounters. Yes, he’s friendly, but beware: if you stare at him for too long, he’ll make you pay with chicken seeds or a sweet treat.

Compared to his feathered comrades, Kinkajou is pretty mellow tempered. He enjoys bathing himself in the warmth of the sunlight and lazing around throughout the day. Unless there are seeds involved, he won’t be bothering anyone, although as soon as there is, he is ready to jump in on the action. If you’re nearby, be sure to bring a couple of extra snacks; otherwise, you might miss out on meeting this golden boy!

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