In May 2020, Holly, just like her daughter Mae, arrived at All Friends Animal Sanctuary after being confiscated by animal control. Although the reason why they were confiscated in the first place is unknown, we think that they were victims of factory farming because of the notches in their ears.

When Holly first arrived at the sanctuary, she was unsure about our attempts to shower her with physical affection, but, over time, she began to warm up to us. Now, she loves attention and physical affection. She especially loves rough pats on her nose, face, and neck, but do not go past her shoulders! Her main diet consists of hay, but she loves fruit as well. Her favorite treats are bananas, watermelon, and apples. She eats with her mouth open, but that’s just because she’s so comfortable with us! Holly is a great mother to Mae and often looks after her, guarding her while she rests. A mother’s love knows no bounds.

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