Frazzle, along with her twin Frizzle, are the youngest amongst the chickens at the sanctuary. They came to us in October 2019, after being used as props for a homecoming proposal. After the proposal, the chickens couldn’t be returned to the place where they were originally purchased, so our sanctuary became their new home, and we are very grateful that they found their way here! We named them Frizzle and Frazzle because of their curly, Rhode Island red feathers.

Once they were old enough to join the rest of the chickens at the sanctuary, they quickly become valued members of the flock, but they still tend to stick together. One of them is a bit bossy, but since they are twins, sometimes it is hard to tell which one is the bossy one!

Frazzle loves to eat melons, grapes, green-leafy vegetables, scrunch, which is like a chicken treat, blueberries, and other berries.

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