Brandy came to us in July 2020 after her previous “owners” left her stranded in Red Rock Canyon. After being left to fend for herself in Red Rock, she was eventually found and rescued by hikers and made her way to her new sanctuary home. At that time, she was only about two months old.

The first thing you’ll notice about Brandy is that she’s slim for a pig and has really cool spots. You’ll also notice that she is full of personality, which is why she’s often described as a mix of a toddler and puppy. Although she frequently bosses others around, she knows that the true boss of the sanctuary is her best friend and piggy crush, Joe Dirt. Forgetting that she’s a big pig, Brandy is known to step on Sherman the tortoise and other people’s feet, but she never hurts anyone. If you visit Brandy at the sanctuary, she’ll likely be quite social and touchy-feely, and this is because she’ll want to be your buddy. And if she likes you, she’ll make squeaky sounds. That’s her sign of affection!

Brandy likes to roll around in the mud to cool off during the hot summer days in Las Vegas. Her favorite thing to eat is grapes, and she also enjoys eating lettuce, corn on the cob, apples, and watermelon. If you shake a bag of food, she will come running to you with excitement because she thinks you’re going to feed her. It’s fun to watch her ears flop up and down while she runs. Belly rubs are a must-have for Brandy; she really loves them!

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