Annabelle Flower

Annabelle “Bella” Flower was the first pig we welcomed to the All Friends family. She was found wandering the Vegas streets in 2015, before being picked up by animal control and brought to a local shelter, where we rescued her. Because she is so large now, many people find it hard to believe that she was no bigger than a chihuahua when we first rescued her.

Bella came to the sanctuary before we had pig accommodations, so she lived with the chickens for some time. During this time, she developed a taste for chicken feed, which is still one of her favorite foods today. She often tries to sneak her way back into the chicken coup, just to munch on these yummy treats. We even had to reinforce the chicken fence just to keep her out!

Bella has quite the personality; she is sweet, strong, and always sassy. Bella is also very smart and knows her own name, so she’s quick to look over if you call her name. She absolutely loves belly rubs and readily rolls over when she’s ready for some belly love. Apart from belly rubs, there is nothing she loves more than indulging in snacks. We are very proud and blessed to have her as a part of the All Friends Family!

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